This is an informative list of the people often featured in my stories. All names are changes except for my own, in order to protect the identities of those involved.

Nick – Me, the author. I am a young transgender man, currently 20 years old with a very sheltered upbringing. I didn’t know people could be homosexual until I was 12, didn’t try weed until 15, and had no idea what transgender meant until 18 when it answered a lot of decade old questions for me. As of writing this, I am one month clean from a 5 month time span that I spent severely addicted to methamphetamine. I started with a three day binge and spent at least 5 days out of the week high ever since I first tried it. I quite literally nosedived into addiction.

Jeremy – One of my dearest friends, very much like a brother to me. Despite being younger, I very much revered him as though he were an older brother; he taught me a lot, lived with me for awhile, and had a very rough, tragic upbringing and background. He had been addicted to meth for an unknown amount of time before I met him, as well as several other drugs.

Sydney – My other drug friend, Sydney was introduced to “Tina” two months before I was, by Jeremy. His upbringing was also very tragic and full of hardships, and he has taught me a lot about being a good person and learning to be okay with myself. It’s thanks to him that I’ve decided to get clean.

Mark – A friend I’ve had for years, Mark is my nerdy ex-almost-boyfriend that stayed by my side through addiction, despite being very shitty to him.

Harold – My ex-roommate that I shared an apartment with for the first two weeks before I tried dope, as well as the following two months. He kept to himself a lot, but turned out to be a very… interesting fellow.

Bobbie – Bobbie is a heroin addict that I’ve known since I was 9 years old. He’s in trouble for a few things right now, but he’s not a bad guy – he just has a serious problem. He lives close to me, which puts me in slight danger of relapse if I continue to associate with him.

Daniel – An old friend of Jeremy’s, and part of the gang he’s in. He’s a good kid; last time I saw him, I was teaching him how to drive and listening to him rap. Kid’s got a sick flow. He’s the only meth user I’ve met that knows how to properly maintain while high and have a purely recreational habit without crossing the line into addiction. He has self control and knows when to take a break. DCS took him away though because his mom has a serious problem. He was the sole bread winner for his family, slinging dope since he was in middle school.

*More to be added as posts introduce them*