My Goal

This blog is about a journey through recovery from being a drug addict, and a literal journey across country, in search of a purpose or something to add some sort of meaning to a life I once centered around my drug use.

I hope for this to be inspirational for others sharing my struggle, or interesting for those who might enjoy the stories I’m sure to find along the way.

Here I will record stories from my time as an addict, which are often off the wall situations I never imagined myself ending up in. I’ve stolen a dog, stolen a gun, tried to overdose, watched my best friend nearly die from overdose numerous times, helped my other best friend through multiple instances of psychosis, nearly gotten arrested a few times, watched other people get arrested countless times, and snorted or injected copious amounts of methamphetamine. I also got offered crack once but by then I’d learned my lesson. I’ve had my heart broken by my closest friends and had my life saved by the same people. I keep up with this blog as a way to cope with my constant cravings for the drug, because I struggle to maintain the thought of wanting to quit.

Relapse is just a text away but this keeps me busy.